Impatient Drug Treatment: Before You Go

You might have started using a different kind of drug some time ago, only to realize that you have now developed a significant problem with them. If you're a chronic drug user, you may not know how you'll ever stop using. Inpatient programs can provide a safe environment to detox and break the cycle of drug use. Before you go, consider these tips.

Know What You're Getting Into

You should understand what inpatient treatment is like before you turn up on your first day. Will there be group meetings? Will you be required to do any other types of therapy or work? Because you will be living there, it's important that you know what to expect so that you can comply without a problem. If you are unsure that you'll be able to participate in all the activities and meetings, you might wish to explore another facility that suits you better.

Make Connections

You may have alienated most of the people you care about as a result of the drugs you're addicted to. However, now is the time to look around and connect with the people you love. They will be your lifeline to the outside world while you're in treatment, and you'll count on their letters and calls to motivate you. Notify them that you hope they will correspond with you and see you often.

Don't Stop Use

Feeling eager to start a drug-free life, you might stop your current use altogether. This is dangerous, however. Your body depends on those chemicals at this point, and the sudden disappearance of those chemicals can not only make you feel badly mentally but also have real effects on your physical body. Wait until you enter inpatient treatment; their protocol is set up to help you end your drug use without causing unnecessary trauma to you and your body.

Don't Binge

Another bad choice to steer away from is the temptation to have one last drug-fueled hurrah. Loading up your body with more drugs than usual or using constantly until you enter treatment is unwise. Not only does this make it possible for you to do some acts which are unsafe for your health, but you may also do things that worsen your relationships and financial standing. You could end up in a fight, or you could end up dead. If anything, continue with regular use or ask inpatient staff for advice.

Your inpatient treatment will hopefully break you free from your addiction to street or prescribed drugs. For more information, check out a website like

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