Online Healthy Living Communities: Managing Depression And Anxiety

Managing depression and anxiety can be a daunting task. With the advent of mobile technology, however, many non-traditional forms of therapy and therapy management are emerging to help with chronic conditions like depression and anxiety.

Here's how a subscription to an online healthy living community can help you cope with your depression and anxiety and improve your life.

Role Playing

Some research indicates that anxiety and depression can often stem from feeling uncomfortable expressing your tastes and emotions.

Customize Your Avatar: Some online healthy living communities give subscribers the chance to explore a digital world in an avatar of their choosing. This avatar can be fully customizable, which allows for both anonymity and freedom of expression. Additionally, you are free to create a variety of avatars to suit your emotions and personality as often as you like.

Authentic Communities

Online healthy living communities are predicated on developing a curated, closely knit, digital society for users.

Building Relationships: In these online healthy living communities, subscribers can chat via a variety of group chat functions. These chats can be individual messages or group chats. Because subscribers meet each other online, they are free to share as much or little information with fellow subscribers as possible. Fostering strong connections with others can be a critical component of managing depression and anxiety.

Group Therapy Sessions

Some online healthy living communities adapt traditional therapy methods to digital mediums.

Group Therapy Sessions: Although options vary from provider to provider, group therapy sessions are an integral part of some online healthy living communities. The clever wrinkle added to these digital sessions deals with accessibility and globalization. For instance, you might seek a group therapy session for a specific anxiety- or depression-triggered symptom. Your sessions can also be filtered to include participants with similar interests or backgrounds. Imagine seeking treatment with fellow running enthusiasts or sci-fi fans. Adding this additional layer of customization can help you to build strong relationships with your cohorts. Additionally, you may feel more comfortable sharing your feelings because your sessions will occur where and whenever you want. Online therapy sessions also offer opportunities for group, video, or voice chats with your therapist(s) or your fellow participants.


As mobile computing and Wifi capabilities improve, so does the range of options offered by online healthy living communities. For instance, some platforms now offer VR reality immersive experiences that help you feel like you're part of an endlessly expansive collective healing force.

For more information, contact an online healthy living community subscription service.

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